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A NY native now residing in AZ, Alyson was diagnosed over 20 years ago with Depression & Anxiety. Through her passion for writing, she’s now sharing her personal stories while struggling with Mental Illness and the challenges of parenting, working and advocating for those still suffering in silence.

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Discussing Depression with my Daughters

If suffering from depression and the severity such that you are restricted from normal daily functions because of it, should you discuss with your children your condition? If yes, at what age and what is considered an age-appropriate discussion?  Myself, personally never sat and had a discussion with my daughters, ages nine and ten, until this last month.  I was shocked with their initial response. Shortly after sitting down, I found they knew much more than I thought they did. My youngest took the liberty over reading how service dogs help with depression and thought I should get one ( they’ve wanted a furry friend for some time now). But to hear them at such young ages actually say the word “depression” and to be able to carry a dialogue so fluidly, I was entirely caught off guard by how matter of fact they spoke.  My life isn’t normal and I have

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Happy Thanksgiving 🦃…What I am Most Grateful For…

Second chances Supportive family Four amazing children Two beautiful granddaughters An awesome brother A wonderful YOUNGER sister I look up to My three handsome nephews and the cutest niece ever The sun peering in through my window HOPE My mother’s love and acceptance Wishing all of you a blessed day, an even better tomorrow and the ability to keep moving forward. ❤️

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Seasonal Anxiety…‘Tis the Season

It’s that time of year again..holidays, family gatherings and every highly anxious person’s worst nightmare….Black Friday. Needless to say, I will not be out and about, scouring the stores for amazing discounts. I will be home, shopping online should my finances allow me to. A joyous time of the year for most, yet a confusing and lonely time for many. Amidst all the fantastic deals, early bird specials, those of us grappling with high anxiety cringe at the thought of the crowds, noise and standing in crowded lines for extended periods of time. As we become closer to the end of 2019, while a tough and trying year, I have to remind myself of the strides I have made. Let us not lose sight of the true meaning of these holidays rapidly approaching. My greatest gifts haven’t come wrapped in a bow. This is the first year that I’ve stopped

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Get Rid of Unnecessary Stress

It’s ok to be an introvert and enjoy your free time in silence. It’s not ok to stop your life and wait for change. Nothing will change unless you make the effort. Some of us are blessed to have supporters that understand our struggles. Or supporters that don’t understand but are still present. Many of us are completely alone. Whether we are a one person army or backed by a family of soldiers, the only one with the power to make us feel better would be ourselves. I’m sure you’ve all heard many of times “ we are our worst enemy.” So much truth to that. I was blessed to spend a week as well as Halloween with my mother and she pushed me to get some things in motion, and God Bless her for taking a long flight from NY to AZ to spend most of her days helping

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Story of my Life.. Only Me!

For my fellow moms, manics, major depressives , etc. I am not posting anything too personal today. Well actually I am because it’s a video. I am tired, up all night, oldest daughter made me a grandma a second time around and I can’t wait to post her pics. Gramma definitely gets bragging rights, she’s a beauty. Born on my grandmother’s birthday (Alice) and my daughter named her Analyce. Incorporating my grandmothers name, my mother’s middle name, her middle name and mine. I’ve been smiling since late last night . I was going through my pictures and I came across this video a couple months ago. Now, if you read all my content you are well aware I’m a New Yorker and now I’m in a very rural area of Tucson, Casas Adobes. My city girls are catching geckos and getting darn good at it. They’re in archery and want

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Alyson Morales

Serving a Life Sentence With Conviction

Depression and anxiety are frightening life sentences that many of us live with. The only thing I find more frightening is fighting this battle while trying to raise two young girls. I want them to be confident, fearless, take advantage of every opportunity afforded to them. I want them to be strong and comfortable in their own skin and believe they can do anything and be anything they set their mind to. I just worry often that I am not a model of what I’m encouraging them to be. Their newfound smiles though, that beam bright like Tucson’s morning sunshine, is more than enough to keep going.  …Mental Illness in all forms is unapparent to the human eye and inappreciable to the human mind , freely able to condemn as erratic and attention-seeking behavior…. Tweet I could spend a great deal of time naming off all my failures, mistakes and

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