Story of my Life.. Only Me!

For my fellow moms, manics, major depressives , etc.

I am not posting anything too personal today. Well actually I am because it’s a video. I am tired, up all night, oldest daughter made me a grandma a second time around and I can’t wait to post her pics. Gramma definitely gets bragging rights, she’s a beauty. Born on my grandmother’s birthday (Alice) and my daughter named her Analyce. Incorporating my grandmothers name, my mother’s middle name, her middle name and mine. I’ve been smiling since late last night .
I was going through my pictures and I came across this video a couple months ago. Now, if you read all my content you are well aware I’m a New Yorker and now I’m in a very rural area of Tucson, Casas Adobes. My city girls are catching geckos and getting darn good at it. They’re in archery and want me to pay for fencing lessons! Well , fencing money I don’t have, what the heck is that anyways? So I’m sure you can tell by now this is so foreign to me. Comical at times. So, since I’m smiling today because my baby girl had her first baby girl (Analyce, give your mother hell, just like she did me)! Noooo! I want you all to smile and find comfort in a funny video of myself and the kids cornered by natural habitat I guess out here?! Everyone I have talked to has said they have never ran into these disgusting looking things , only at a zoo. But I am Alyson, so this crap doesn’t surprise me. I added a little music , no need for you to hear me cursing and trying to google on my phone what they were abc what to do.
Post coming Friday, then Mom will be here to spend Halloween 🎃. Haven’t seen her since April so I’ll be down for a week enjoying my Mother and making sure she has the best time ever in hopes she comes more often, or even for the winters, why not!

Stay blessed not stressed and don’t ever hesitate to reach out. If I’m not stressing, I will get back to you ASAP!



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About Me

A NY native now residing in AZ, Alyson was diagnosed over 20 years ago with Depression & Anxiety. Through her passion for writing, she’s now sharing her personal stories and struggles with Mental Illness while parenting, working and relationships.